Marketing Services

We are committed to provide a wide range of marketing services to increase your business and grow your brand. Your published biography will establish a high level of recognition and exposure of your accomplishments. In addition we also provide a wide range of online and print resources to enhance the visibility of your practice. Membership includes visibility exposure increases in today’s top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Pre web, Bing and Ask we also provide membership consultants for professional consultation and educational support as well as public relations assistance for you and your business. There are a wide array of tools and resources we can provide to assist in the success of your career including email marketing and broadcast services as well as hundreds of customized promotional products.

Press Releases

The official Trademark Publishing Inc. custom press release is the perfect way to formally announce your inclusion. Each Press Release is distinctively written by our in house talented public relations specialists and personalized for each member. The public relations department works tirelessly to promote each members accomplishments and services.

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