The Trademark Publishing Group books are distributed annually throughout North America. Thousands of members are inducted each year. This level of visibility has proven to be a positive advantage for international, national and local companies and members. The target audience for Trademark Publishing Group is exceptionally broad. Anyone at an expert level can benefit from inclusion. From college graduates, entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys, teachers, accountants, engineers and all other professionals in the workforce who need a way to differentiate themselves and or to get the recognition they deserve. This platform can serve any profession.

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Code of Conduct: All members understand and agree that our Association is defined by our members. Professional ethics are at the core of our organization. Our organization has an obligation to articulate its basic values, ethical principles, and ethical standards. Member’s interaction and conduct towards each other and the organization is strictly monitored and constantly reevaluated.  The Code is relevant to all members. Specific ethical standards that should be used by all members include respect of all other members and the association. Not abusing membership or using it for unethical purposes. All members must maintain a good professional track record. Prohibited actions that can cause reversal of membership include, bullying other members and the organization, professional misconduct, license revocations, arrest and conviction in a court of law. If a member is found to have violated any of these rules, the association reserves the right to refuse membership and ban said member from inclusion. In some cases specific applications of the Code must take into account the context. All decisions will be reviewed by our board. Upon review of any misconduct, all decisions are final.

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